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If you’re new to Loom and plan to use Loom for classwork and have a valid Edvicon email, sign up below.

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If you currently have an existing account with an Edvicon email, you can verify your account via the following link, and Loom will start the verification process. Please allow up to three business days for them to process your request.

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What happens after you sign up with your Edvicon email address?

First off you’ll be granted a 30-day Loom Pro free trial while they verify your Edvicon email. Once verified, you will receive an email to confirm your account status has changed to education. This may take some time.

What if you already have an account with your Edvicon email address?

You will receive an email confirming that your account has been automatically upgraded to Loom Pro for free. You can also check your account status here. (Please note it will currently say Loom Pro trial).

What if you’ve been using my personal email for classwork?

We recommend updating your email address from your account settings or creating a new account with your Edvicon email address. Loom will only apply the education discount to one account per person. If you’ve been paying for Loom Pro as an educator or student, they will not refund, discount or credit past payments made.

Will the account be verified?

We can not guarantee the verification of your account. It totally depends on the Loom team. Edvicon International membership will just make you qualified for Loom Pro for the free offer.

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