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How to claim JetBrains education software

To claim the software you can do a few things.

  • Create a JetBrains account using Edvicon International provided [email protected] email account.
  • Go to 
  • Use the Service Request online application to send the license request.
  • If your request approved, admins of the group assign your license and you will be notified via the same post as a comment.

You don’t have the email domain yet?

Do not worry, if you’re an Edvicon International member, you can still get an alias for your domain. You have to send a request via Service Request to assign you with a email alias.

How to request?

  • Go to 
  • Click on the Request Service button
  • In the opened form select Email Alias as the Requesting Service
  • Provide the requested information in the next step. (Make sure you have completed if there are any pre-requisites to be eligible for this service).
  • Once all the required information is entered, submit the form.
  • Once your Service Request is approved, you will receive the requested service within 7 days from the approval.

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