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Figma for Edvicon International Members

You’ll need to sign up for a Figma account before you can verify your Education status. If you have an Edvicon-issued email address, we recommend using this address for your Figma account.


To verify your Education status, they need to know some information about you. This includes the details of your education program or learning environment.

Your Education status will be valid for two years. If you are still a student or educator at the end of the two years, you can reapply for Education status.

Apply for Figma Education

  1. Follow the link: https://www.figma.com/education/apply
  2. Enter the following information:
    1. Your First and Last Name
    2. Your Edvicon email address
    3. School Name: Edvicon International
    4. School Website: www.edvicon.org
  3. Click the Submit button to complete the application process.

What Next?

They will perform a series of checks to confirm your enrollment status in an eligible educational program. The Figma team will notify you via email to confirm whether your application was successful.

If they request you to prove the Student Enrollment, follow the instructions in following section.

Request Figma Verification Letter

  • Go to www.edvicon.org/services.html
  • Click on the Request Service button
  • In the opened form select Figma Premium as the Requesting Service
  • Provide the requested information in the next step. (Make sure you have completed if there are any pre-requisites to be eligible for this service).
  • Once all the required information is entered, submit the form.
  • Once your Service Request is approved, you will receive the requested service within 7 days from the approval.

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