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What is a Edvicon International Service?

Edvicon International offers different kinds of service. We have listed all services we offer to our members on our website's Services page.

Some of the services we offer are required to manually assigned to our members. Therefore it is required to get some information before proceeding with the service assignment. Some services are needed with pre-requisites and the requesting member must complete them if it is mentioned.

Instructions to Request a Service

  • Go to www.edvicon.org/services.html
  • Click on the Request Service button
  • In the opened form select the service you need as the Requesting Service
  • Provide the requested information in the next step. (Make sure you have completed if there are any pre-requisites to be eligible for this service).
  • Once all the required information is entered, submit the form.
  • Once your Service Request is approved, you will receive the requested service within 7 days from the approval.

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