Microsoft 365 Subscription Introduction

Edvicon International

Last Update 2 years ago

The complimentary Microsoft 365 for education by Edvicon International, empowers educators to unclose ingenuity, advocate teamwork, and to furnish an uncomplicated secured experience.

Why you should go for it

Microsoft 365 for education administers the users, data, and devices by a single dashboard. It Ensures your recognition, data apps, and devices with whip-smart dependability intensified by machine learning, while managing data archiving control, and pioneering.

Unseal your creativity with Microsoft 365

Let your creativity and collaboration set in motion by immersive and appealing apps elevating the autonomy in your skills with smart tools. Microsoft 365 brings concepts to existence with 3D and data visualisation tools.

Boost up teamwork

Team up and save educators time with a single hub for classes and teams. Microsoft 365 copes with the needs of every individual student with a comprehensive tool kit to link communicate and share in class and on the outside. Most importantly, student’s identity data and devices are protected with intelligent security enriched by machine learning.

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