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JetBrains is a company, but also a collection of software development tools. They have IDEs, tools, compilers, etc. They are known especially for their state-of-the-art code completion software, style, and more. Their most popular IDE lists the features available on (most) of their IDEs.

The great thing is, you can get their whole range of software for free! All you need is a verified student email. 

Though if you already an Edvicon International member, all you have to do is request a license through a Service Request.

All JetBrains IDE contains mostly the same features and toolsets. Obviously, they differ somewhat depending on the language, but generally, they have the same functionality. At some point in the future, I think it would be interesting if JetBrains developed an all-in-one IDE, making it easy to develop applications with multiple languages.

IntelliJ Idea

JetBrains gained most of its popularity in the IDE market with IntelliJ IDEA. This Java IDE is perhaps the best option for Java. It is the leading standard today (along with Eclipse).

WebStorm and PhpStorm

This IDE is also fantastic, and I would definitely recommend it. These IDEs are used to develop HTML, JavaScript (pure, node, react, etc), and PHP (along with most other web-based programming languages).


PyCharm is probably the most known Python IDE. Considering it comes up first in most Google searches, I would consider it very popular. It really just brings together so much functionality into one application to develop Python in. The modules system is just fantastic as well.

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